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KimmerlingsDoes this look cold?  Well, IT WAS!!! This pictures was taken one Sunday afternoon.  I had decided I just had to see Klopps Cemetery in Northern Lebanon County.  I had spent 1/2 hour photographing some of the most awesome 18th century carved headstones in that cemetery.  My fingers were so cold they were red, but I couldn’t get in the car until I took “just one more picture!”

As my fingers were thawing out and we were heading back to Lancaster County, I spied this and my husband had to apply the brakes and turn around, so I could get out and see it!  This monument stands in the front of the Kimmerling’s Church Cemetery, right off of the highway, just a bit south of Klopps.   I was not disappointed! This monument is massive and beautiful!

Kimmerlings1It was erected by, I’m assuming,  Jacob Kimmerling’s ancestors and stood the test of time.  It is as beautiful today as it probably was the day it was put into place and the reason it is

Linda’s Headstone of the Week; Week #41.

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My headstone of the week is NOT one of my favorites, rather one that just absolutely disgusts me.  It is my headstone of the week only because I think it should be brought to the attention of anybody interested in cemeteries and especially interested in Woodward Hill Cemetery in the city of Lancaster, Pennsylvania!

HOTWThis spot can be found on the perimeter of the cemetery where it borders Chesapeake Street.  This headstone has been pushed over and is being used as either a table or a bench, I really don’t know since I’ve never seen it in use.  However! I know it is used for illegal activities since those little white things scattered around are packages for syringes.  See the picture below of the one I’ve zoomed in on.

HSOTW39This is an area that is in a secluded, tree covered spot.  It could be a serene burial spot, and probably was at one time.  I cannot read this headstone, since I am just one person and cannot turn this over.  To reach it you must access it through this canopy of trees.  Notice all the other headstones that are knocked over and are otherwise desecrated.

HOTW39One day while reading and recording headstones I saw three young men coming out of that area seemingly rapping a tune or whatever it is they do.  Groundskeepers kept on mowing as if it were nothing unusual.  I have spoken to the City Police and was told it was virtually impossible to catch anybody since they see the cars come and they run through the trees.  I can understand that since I know the landscape there.  There must be some solution, but I just don’t know what it is!

This is a real shame and disgrace and the reason it is

Linda’s Headstone of the Week; Week #39!

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SeamanChristianIn honor of the Fourth of July and it’s heros, we went out to Indiantown Gap National Cemetery last week to “visit” some of my extended family.  While paying my respects to my father’s cousin’s husband, Col. David Mahargue, I came across this headstone for Christian S. Seaman.  It was wonderful to see he was remembered for his service by the family who also remembered his stories!  It is the reason this headstone is

Linda’s headstone of the week for week #38

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While killing time in an Antique Mall a couple of weeks ago, I came across this postcard and just had to get it!  I just cannot imagine anybody buying this card to send to a friend, which is why it was probably never mailed!

It reminds me of a joke I just read:

I gave my mother-in-law a cemetery plot for Christmas last year.
This year I gave her nothing.
When she asked why, I told her she hadn’t used last years’ gift yet.
. . and that’s when the fight began”

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I found this headstone in Woodward Hill Cemetery, right around the corner from James Buchanan’s wonderful burial spot.  I was amazed that even though it was broken in four pieces, they all stayed together and I could actually read the name of WILLIAM MILLER on it.  The death date of  July 31, 1859 is another story.  For that date, I had to go to Find-a-Grave, and since I knew the section I found the stone in, the rest was easy!  The grass seems to be a bonding agent and has kept all these pieces together.   I was impressed and the reason it is

Linda’s Headstone of the Week; Week #37

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