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Kevin Brennan Funeral Home in Topeka, Kansas offers the ultimate final ride. 


image003Does your area offer a creative funeral option?  If so, why don’t you share it with us? 


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Gotta head to Topeka. . . 

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The Lancaster Daily Intelligencer,
Wednesday, March 28, 1892

Funeral Reform

The Philadelphia board of health has gravely (pun intended?)  advised that people should abandon the custom of doffing the hat at burials, and it would be well if there would be a general movement for funeral reform beginning with that custom.  Funeral customs are altogether too costly in both life and money.  People imperil their health by standing around open graves on damp ground, and many are even guilty of the unpardonable folly of holding or attending public funerals in cases of death from diptheria, scarlet fever and other contagious diseases.
The extravagance of burials has long called for reform, but we are all slaves of custom, and grief does not encourage people to meet those questions with the rational independence they exercise in other matters.  One can get married at almost any price and in many ways, but he can only get buried according to the established conventional usage and with considerable expense.  Even wholesome and cleanly cremation shocks the public sense of fitness.  Let us have funeral reform.

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