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Do you ever, in your journeys through graveyards, wonder why a certain memorial is chosen for a person? or why the wording is the way it is? In my wanderings in and out of cemeteries from coast to coast, I’ve come across my share of “Wonder Whys!”

In the heart of the city, lies the old and very large Lancaster Cemetery. I’ve been in that cemetery too many times to even count and each time I come out with a picture of something I’ve never seen before. Last week I came across one of those “wonder whys” and thought it would be a good time to do a blog on some of them! Herbert W. Rill was only six days old when he died. I wonder why his parents had the year only put on the headstone once ~ half way between the birth and death dates. Jim’s suggestion was that the “SAVED” at the top of the headstone meant they saved money by not having it put on their twice!Across the street from the beautiful Longwood Gardens is Longwood Cemetery, with burials dating back many years ago. In the midst of upright, traditional headstones are a few that stand out because of their uniqueness. Marianne Hoy’s in one of those. It is beautiful and serene and I wonder if it was her wish or something her family did because it reminded them of her. I wonder why . . . On a visit to Centralia, Pennsylvania, the ghost town with a fire under it we took a side trip to St. Mary’s Russian Orthodox Church, high on a hill above the town. We found this grave marker in the Cemetery behind the Church and wondered why

a bird chose this spot to start her family!

Driving through the backroads of northwestern Lancaster County, I came across the old East Donegal Cemetery  in the Maytown area. (You may have heard it referred to as Reich’s Church Cemetery) This beautiful fence caught my eye before I knew there was a Cemetery behind it.  I wonder why nobody caught the fact it was growing into a tree before it actually became part of the tree?

. . . and finally I really wonder why more respect is not shown to those that have served our country so we may have the freedom and liberties that we enjoy today!

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