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Well, THE INTERVIEW was aired very-y-y-y early this morning, and as I thought, I appeared nervous! Although talking to Lori Burkholder, the reporter, was like talking to friend, the fact that the camera was there was ever present in my mind!

See for yourself . . . but don’t judge Linda by her first TV appearance! Well, first if you don’t count the appearance when I met Richard Nixon at Ontario, California Airport on the eve of his election! (Can’t help it folks! I had to be a Young Republican since I came from a family of staunch, life-long Republicans. I was incognito, though because I was dressed in an Elephant Suit!)

It was a wonderful experience, but doubtful I’ll be contacted for a permanent position!

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In the rain, covered by an umbrella, Graveyard Rabbit Linda talked about graveyards and Graveyard Rabbits, in of all places, a Graveyard!  I had been contacted by Lori Burkholder of WGAL, the local NBC affiliate, about my Graveyard Rabbit Blog because she was interested in doing a piece on it.  We agreed on Thursday, I printed information for her and headed to Lancaster Cemetery with my sidekick, Jim, to meet the crew.

We started at Charles Demuth’s grave where we talked about the artist, what I look for in cemetries, etc., and then headed over to see a beautiful monument  for a 17 year old boy, across the way.  I’ll do a blog on this monument at a later time.


From the Hartman site we walked to the front of the cemetery in the rain, of course, as I pointed out elements on headstones, anchor on this one, well known Lancaster names on others, and finally reached the huge Reynolds site.  

General John Fulton Reynolds, had the misfortune of dying the first day of Gettysburg, after going through the likes of Chancellorsville, Rogue River, Mechanicsville, Second Bull Run, Fredericksburg, and Gaines Mills.  Blog will be coming on this site in the future, too.  We talked about several interesting headstones and monuments in the area and slowly walked back to our vehicles.  We took a few pictures, shook hands and bid each adieu after spending almost an hour with the delightful news crew from Channel 8!

Watch for the interview on Monday, the 23rd to see if Linda blows it. . . . 


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